Loving Choice Adoption and Parenting Services is a private adoption/parenting program CommQuest Services. Since 1919, our agency has been securing permanent homes and families for infants in need of them. We were founded by a group of individuals who responded to the needs of children who had lost their parents to the flu epidemic or World War I.

Assessment, counseling and supportive services are provided to all members of the adoption triad: the Birth Parents, the Adoptive Parents, and the infant, in order to strengthen the family life of each.

Loving Choice Adoption and Parenting Services places infants for adoption in approved adoptive homes. The birth parent(s) voluntarily choose to place their infant for adoption and may agree to openness in adoption or to have a confidential (closed) relationship with the adoptive family. Loving Choice is licensed by the State of Ohio to perform home studies and post-placement services for prospective adoptive families.

In addition, we work with international agencies by providing family assessments/home studies, adoption preparation, information, and post-placement supervision. CommQuest is a “Cooperating Agency” with Holt International, Chinese Children International, Great Wall China Adoption/Children of All Nations, World Association for Children and Parents (WACAP) and other agencies. Children from China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand, India, Liberia, and other countries have been placed with our adoptive families.

All birth parents or expectant parents who reside or work in the counties of Stark, Summit, Portage, Mahoning, Columbiana, Carroll, Tuscarawas, Holmes, Wayne, Medina, and other area counties are eligible for counseling and adoption services. Adopting couples and individuals may reside in these and other counties.

Our program is licensed by the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services to accept temporary, permanent, or legal custody of infants, and to place these infants for adoption or in temporary foster care when necessary. We are accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

Loving Choice is seeking families interested in becoming a Private Foster Home.

  • Our Foster Home will only be used by Loving Choice Adoption/Parenting Services for temporary and brief placements of newborns as needed.
  • Please contact us for further information

The Birth Parents’ right to decide to parent or place the infant for adoption is central to our agency and we will assist in whatever plan is chosen. We provide individual counseling and support to birth parents, their families and significant others. Assistance in securing medical care, as well as financial, legal, and housing services are also provided at no cost, regardless of the plan you make. Since 1919, the Adoption and Parenting Services Program of CommQuest Services has applied its professional expertise to the placement process. Our program is licensed by the State of Ohio and accredited by the Council on Accreditation.

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